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Our Story

Founded in 2019 by Carmen García-Carballido, an award winning Geologist & Gemmologist, ETHICAL GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD offers responsibly sourced gemstones from a selection of carefully chosen ethical gem suppliers from around the world. 


All gemstones are natural and each gem is individually certified by Carmen, who is also a trained Jewellery Appraiser / Valuer.


We have a large selection of gemstone varieties in various sizes and cut designs (faceted & cabochons), as well as some rough crystals.


We love working with individual designers and we can customise and cut collections on request.


She holds a 5 year Degree in Geology (University of Oviedo, Spain), a Masters Degree in Petroleum Geoscience (University of Aberdeen, Scotland), Gemmology Diploma & Diploma in Diamonds (GEM-A London, UK) and is also a qualified Jewellery Valuer (by the UK's Institute of Registered Valuers and by 'AETA', the Spanish Valuers Association)

Carmen checking gems at the microscope
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